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Guided Example

Follow easy steps to do statistics with MaxStat


Statistical Textbook

Learn about basic principles of statistics.



 Video Tutorials

Getting started


Managing data


Doing statistics


Preparing graphs


Writing notes

Watch this to learn the basics 
 Learn how to use tables and manage data 

Shows you how to do statistics in easy steps 


Learn how to prepare and edit graphs


Watch this and write your own notes 



Minimum requirements

  OS CPU RAM Hard disk space Screen Res. Others
Minimum Windows Vista 1.6 GHZ 1 GB 120 MB 1024 x 768 

Microsoft .NET Framework 3

(will be installed if missing)

Recommended Windows 7 2.20 GHz 4 GB 150 MB 1600 x 900 

 To register MaxStat Pro: Internet connection required to verify license key